Obligatory First Post Post

Me a few years ago:  I should just delete my Facebook.  What’s the point of Twitter.  It’s basically a Facebook status, isn’t it?  Blogs are dumb.  What makes you think people care enough about your life that would compel you to post your long-ass ramblings and fancy camera pictures on a website?  Put that shit in a diary or something.

Me in present time:  Ooh let me take a picture of this and post it on Facebook and/or Twitter!  Damn did you check Twitter?! Can’t believe xxx died! ZOMG this looks so good! I should make this recipe and post it!!

So, despite my past objections and misinformed assumptions about social media, here I find myself starting a blog to document my triumphs and tribulations in the kitchen.  The food posted here is basically stuff I made because the fat kid inside me (who I think might have actually taken over me…) heard about or saw pictures of something and decided that the only way to eat the food was to actually make it!

Spoiler alert!  Next post (which will hopefully be soon…) will contain bacon and chocolate.  And my new-found obsession of maple syrup.


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